Hi, I’m Meera. Mom of two and wife to a great guy. I live and work a bicostal life between Northern California and NY/NJ. Don’t ask me how, we just make it work. I love to eat and thus love to cook recipes that are delicious, balanced and healthy. The recipes here on my blog are inspired and influenced from global cuisines.
Inspired and influenced by great chefs, cooks, our world travels, cookbooks and cultures. From grandma to food blogs to street vendors.
When I’m cooking, serving and eating I try to be conscious of where that food came from and what will it to do to me and my planet. I watch for things like sustainability, refined sugars, saturated, trans fats, salt, dairy, refined grains. Things that adversely affect my health, the Earth and sea. Even though this blog is not strict with any dietary limitations, my recipes are wholesome and mostly plant based with a sprinkle of natural sugars, dairy, sustainable fish here and there.
I have been cooking globally inspired food for over two decades. You will see my love for Indian food in my recipes, that’s because it’s the food of my childhood, my heritage. Food I learned from who I believe master cooks: my mother and grandmother. The recipes here may not be authentic, that’s because I love to improvise, play with fusion and make it my own. Then again I also believe when something is perfect it’s best not to messed with!
Do something good today for yourself and others!

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